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DHT Issue #3

The First Holiday Edition features Rappers Pedro Losa and DDomino Geronimo on the cover. New sections including DownhouseSound are available along with the continuing Downhouse Inspiration.(Mannie Toraz)(AVAILABLE TO READ)

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DHT Issue #4

Issue #4 starts the New Year off catching up with a few of the artists and also speaking on a few issues going on the LGBTQ community. This will be the last edition to dawn the original Downhousetown Cover as we head into a new year full of new beginnings. (AVAILABLE TO READ)

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DHT Issue #5

This edition of DHT Magazine celebrates two years since the start of the website and one year since the start of the magazine itself. A few new artists are introduced, as well as a new person of inspiration. We are also proud to have the honor of having Billy Maloy and Mannie Toraz featured for their show "The Green Tea Room". (AVAILABLE TO READ)

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