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DHT Issue #1

DOWNHOUSETOWN Issue #1 is an introduction to some of the artists on the website. It is the start of a movement to create more for the LGBT community, not just for the rich or well off, but for the people who dream of doing great things and just need help getting into the light. Here at DOWNHOUSETOWN, we believe in people coming together and rising to do great things, so help out by getting yourself a copy of our first issue. (AVAILABLE TO READ)


DHT Issue #1 Gold Edition

The Gold Edition of Issue #1 will feature a few new segments, Including the tale of relationships "Evolution of A Gay Man" This Edition will only be available for a limited time so be sure to get it now.

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DHT Issue #2

DOWNHOUSETOWN Issue #2 goes even further into the ventures of DownhouseTown and the wonderful artists in the community. Giving insight on the upcoming show #DownhouseTea on youtube and also getting some people of inspiration in the community to share their stories. "We come together as we rise!" so please enjoy this second Issue and know that this is still only the beginning! (AVAILABLE TO READ)

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